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Nothing is better than hearing it straight from fellow breastfeeding/pumping mothers. Read below from a handful of happy mums sharing their experiences on social media! *

Featured testimonials:

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《TESTIMONIAL》 Nothing is better than another glowing review from one of our repeat customers to kick start World Breastfeeding Week! #Repost @milking_hands ・・・ I’m always looking for lactation goodies to eat as a healthy snack and maintenance for my milk supply. So I decided to try @extranordic when I came across them. Truth be told, this is the best-tasting lactation goodies I have ever eaten and this is my 2nd order! Their cookies are so buttery and doesn’t have the bitter taste at the end. And they have chocolate lactation granola! It’s like eating dessert for breakfast! The brewers yeast they used are also halal-compliant. ・・・ #extranordic ##extragoodness #sgreview #lactationsg #lactationcookiessg #sgmummies #sgmums #sgbaby #supportlocalsg #sgbrand #breastfeedingsg #supportbreastfeeding

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 -milking_hands, Aug 1, 2020

 -@scratchmarks, Jan 12, 2020

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As I’ve reduced my pumps from 8 times a day to 6 times to now 4 times, I’m naturally concerned that cutting my pumps will hurt milk supply. To my utter surprise, my supply didn’t drop. In fact, it increased?! For the past few days, I yield at least 200ml (if not more) every pump session. Every. Pump. Session. Many times I would need 2 bottles to store the milk. My diet and lifestyle pretty much stay the same. The only difference is that I took @extranordic lactation cookies! I’ve only opened the bag of snowy matcha cookies and I enjoy it. Every cookie is power-packed with extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend which helps to increase milk supply. The lactation muesli pack is so convenient to bring about, especially when my job nature requires me to travel about the whole of Singapore. Just tear open, pour your favourite milk into the bag and enjoy. Did I also mention their packaging is so nice?!?! Indeed very Scandinavia 🥰 Norway is one of my favourite countries ❤️ I also took conscious effort to drink at least 3L - 4L of water everyday. I think it helps too :) Boosters don’t work for everyone and sometimes it takes a longer period or more quantity to work as well. But hey, no harm trying. If it don’t work for you, the cookies work perfectly fine as a great afternoon snack. To my fellow breastfeeding mama, keep going ! 💪🏻🥰 You are doing so well for your little ones! #lactationcookies #extradeilig #influenSerHeng #breastfeeding #exclusivelypumping #milkboosters #cookies #muesli

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 -@sereneheng, Sep 14, 2019

 -Anonymous, Mar 6, 2020

 -@neelialui, Jan 11, 2020

"The lactation cookie is very nice can't stop munching it ! I choose snowy matcha and choco x choco both also damn nice!👍They also very generous to send me Four seasons muesli for me to try. I love the four season muesli because its really does help me to boost my milk supply and giving me feel engorge very long didn't have this feeling already."

-@shandylim, Oct 1, 2019

"[...] lactation goodies play a huge role in my life at this moment. Extra Nordic was one of the later lactation goodies brand that I discovered but also became one of my faves. I happened to run out of store bought granola and decided to give Extra Nordic a go. Got their muesli and cookies. Oh man...they were so good! The cookies are an in between buttery crumbly texture and crunchy texture. They are not too sweet which is important to me. The dried fruit makes both the muesli and cookies really yummy. I am not the kind of mama who gets a huge boost from lactation goodies but just a slight increase or my supply is maintained is good enough."

-@realisticsoul, Sep 23, 2019

"I first got to know about Extra Nordic in March this year when Love was about 3 months old! And I was thankful to have tried 2 of their flavours back then, and it helped in my lactation journey, as many would know it was really pathetically little though it was 3 months already... That period when I tried, it actually shot up to at least 120ml!
This time round, I chose 2 really exciting flavours to try - Tropical Papaya and Snowy Matcha 🍵, and wow, they taste really awesome!! For those not lactating, these cookies are just as yummy to eat and I couldn’t stop at just one! 😋
I also shared these goodies with my bestie @milettvy who’s breastfeeding @bubbakae, and she said she noticed her milk was more too! Really glad to have shared the goodness and helped improved her breastmilk! 🍼
And not forgetting, baby Kaeius is a happy baby with all the milk, hehe! 😁"

-@cherraexoxo, Sep 19, 2019

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| REVIEW | Started my exclusive breastfeeding since baby Carrick was born. 6 months has passed... Yeah I did it! Then another 6 months... I made it again! Now in my 18 months... I’m still latching because I want to meet the WHO’s recommendation of 2 years! But it’s not the same as I was 3 months ago as the milk supply dip after I stopped pumping. Then I tried the lactation muesli from @extranordic for a week or so, and I felt I could latch my little man longer. • What’s so good about the fuel pack? It’s very convenient, I just have to grab the pack and go!!! Here’s how I tried 3 methods to have my overnight oats the next day: (1) Pour milk into the pack and leave it in the fridge and I could have it straight from the pack (2) Pour the pack of muesli and milk into a Mason Jar, leave it in the fridge overnight (3) Pour the muesli into a cup of milk For the first 2 methods, it’s soften and last method, it’s crunchy! • As for the cookies, I could eat the oats at every bite. And I like it as it’s not sweet at all. I can indulge a few pieces without any guilt! Even my little Carrick stole some pieces from my pack. • There’s some exciting news by @extranordic this weekend and you can quote “XTRA4LTCMAMA” for 5% discount off total bill, valid till 30 Sep 2019. #extranordic #littleteochewmama #lactationbakes #lactationmuesli #lactationcookies #sgmummy #sgreview #sgmummyblogger

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  -@littleteochewmama, Aug 29, 2019 

-@jaclynmeiqi, Jul 6, 2019

-@jaclynmeiqi, May 31, 2019


I’ve tried several brands of lactation cookies and these are, by far, my favourite. I’ve tried 4 flavours so far and am in love with the Original Gold and dark choc chip ones. Now that I’m back to work, it’s been tough keeping to a regular pumping schedule but these cookies have helped keep my supply steady! Thanks Extra Nordic team for the great munchies! P.S. my next order will have to be bigger because daddy loves them too and keeps sneaking cookies from my stash.

-Bianca, May 25, 2019



"The cookies are awesome! Especially the original gold and dark choco chips. I love that it’s not too sweet and not too dry like others I’ve tried. It’s very addictive. The formula really works well for me. It really helped me especially on days my supply dipped. Especially for a PCOS new mother breastfeeding, it’s not an easy journey to find the right formula that works. And I love that fenugreek isn’t in the ingredient list as I am super allergic to it!

It help me double my supply especially on times I pump between 11pm-5am and on times that my supply dip during afternoon the usual 50-60ml now I can get 80-110ml. So happy with the results.

Pls do continue to make such yummy cookies!!! It really means a lot on my breastfeeding journey! Omg a miracle after endless searching and testing multiple products!"

-Ezebella, May 21, 2019


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CLOSED // GIVEAWAY Being able to nurse baby Masen brings great joy every three hours! He’s drinking a lot more now (130ml at 5 weeks is no joke!) so I’m glad to have found @extranordic premium lactation cookies! They are crisp on the outside, slightly chewy inside, and not too sweet - perfect in every way! Most lactation bakes contain common boosters such as oats, brewer’s yeasts and flaxseeds, whereas @extranordic’s also include freshly ground brown rice and barley! This extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend sure did boost milk supply for me with every bite! Packed with nutrients, it’s no wonder the kids love it too! Love that everyone in the family can enjoy these cookies together! So delicious are they, together with @extranordic I’m giving away 2 packs of 200g cookies (flavours of your choice) to a lucky winner! U.P. up to $33.80! All you have to do is: 🍪Follow @extranordic and me 🍪Tag some friends below to share the joy! One friend per comment! 🍪Each friend tag is considered one entry! The more friends tagged, the higher your chances! 🍪Share this post on IG stories for 5 bonus entries and tag us for tracking purposes! Giveaway is open locally & ends 26th May. Quote EXTRA4JACLYN for 5% off these #extradeilig cookies, valid from now until 31st May, 11:59pm. #extranordic #jaclyngiftaway

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-@jaclynmeiqi, May 19, 2019


Testimonial anonymous

-Anonymous, May 13, 2019



"Have tried a few different brands of lactation cookies, and felt that Extra Nordic is the one for me. It's not too sweet and it really gives the extra boost i need on days when my supply takes a dip!"

-Joanna, Apr 18, 2019



Testimonial @xiaohuioxh

-@xiaohuioxh, Apr 17, 2019



"My favourite flavour would have to be Dark Choc. Did not expect it to be bursting with chocolate chips. Rich in healthy goodness and flavour. What's not to love!"

-Amy, Apr 15, 2019



Testimonial @jieames

-@jieames, Mar 12, 2019




-Anonymous, Mar 1, 2019



"I likey the Tropica Papaya cookies! Finished within 3 days! Recommend!"

-Janelle, Feb 25, 2019



"Cookies were yummy and for the price you do get a substantial amount. The cookies did help to increase my supply by abit"

-Audrey, Feb 23, 2019



"I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the cookie - super tasty and my favourite is the choc x choc. The thing I am most impressed by is how fast I saw results.

I have tried other brands and most take around 2 weeks before I see results but after eating your cookies, my yields increased around 30ml-60ml per pump! And I saw results after maybe 2 days?

Will definitely order again and please create more flavours!"

-Sarah, Feb 19, 2019



"Extra Nordic's cookies was one of the milk boosters I turned to during the first week of feeding my bub to establish my supply, and it worked wonderfully in satisfying my cravings and also providing me a boost so I could breastfeed my little bub fully without supplement. Thank you!"

-Mandy, Feb 18, 2019



Testimonial @katielewww

-Katie, Feb 10, 2019



"Thank you for the prompt delivery! I ordered 3 packs and they arrived a few days ago. Have just finished my first pack of Tropica Papaya and I love it! Could not stop munching it whilst pumping."

-Carissa, Jan 30, 2019



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