What is a galactagogue?

Galactagogue is a scientific term for foods, herbs or medications that may assist to increase breastmilk supply. At Extra Nordic, we have created an extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend for our premium lactation cookie recipe, made especially for mums, but also enjoyed by all!

Extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend

In addition to the commonly used galactagogues, oats, flaxseeds, and brewer’s yeast, Extra Nordic’s premium lactation cookies give you an extra boost per bite by adding barley and brown rice.

Tips to increase milk supply

Galactagogues only work when breastmilk is being removed often and well from a mother’s breast. It is important to first identify and address factors causing a low milk supply, and the subsequent use of galactagogues may help to facilitate the process. Extra Nordic’s premium cookies are filled with so much goodness in one bite that you have to try for it yourself!