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About us

Hei. Velkommen til Extra Nordic™. Hyggelig å se deg her.

Hi. Welcome to Extra Nordic™. Pleasure to see you here.


We are Esp & Bel, the husband-wife founders of Extra Nordic, one part Norwegian and one part Singaporean. When we first started Extra Nordic, we had little experience in the F&B industry, just blind faith that someone would like our products because we love them and we want to share the goodness of our Nordic-inspired food.

We began baking lactation cookies when we had our first child because we couldn’t find anything that worked, nor suited our taste. The act of breastfeeding, to some, can be second nature. However, as mother and father, we know that it may not come easy to many of you, including ourselves. But we still persevere because we want to give the best to our children, despite the pains of breastfeeding.

So we created Extra Nordic to help mothers with their milk supply so they have one less thing to worry about. Drawing on our knowledge of the breastfeeding culture and diet in Norway, we came up with an original recipe that is based on the concept of 'de fyra sädesslagen' or 'the four significant grains' in the Nordics (oats, wheat, barley, rye).                

We thought if our lactation cookies work for ourselves, wouldn’t it be great if they could help other families too?

“Best lactation cookies in Singapore”

"I tried 4 different brands of lactation cookies before Extra Nordic, and there is no turning back!

Absolutely the best and yummiest cookies, with the best result. "

Along the way, we were heartened by many mothers who thanked us for helping them boost their milk supply with our yummy products. This encouraged us to reach out to more people with our products, do more good to the community, and spread the “extra goodness™” philosophy. Not just extra goodness in our products, but in many aspects of what we do.

We support local businesses by sourcing locally whenever possible (did you know we use locally manufactured chocolate chips for example?), we use eco-friendly materials whenever possible (hence we changed our packaging from foil pouches to recyclable paper), and the list goes on.

So here we are, doing something different with Extra Nordic. We take pride in it, but more importantly, we hope you love the #extragoodness from our food and products.